The graphics department at Baldassano develops complex architectural views with the highest degree of accuracy, aesthetic sensibility and meticulous attention to detail. All drafting and conversion work is done with the aide of AutoCAD software. Photorealistic views and 3D renderings are generated with 3D Studio Max.


The following architectural renderings

and views are available to clients:


Basic architectural views - A basic rendering of a plot or a building, complete with shadow and lighting effects if required.


Conceptual views - 3D conceptual views, created with lighting and shadow effects per the clients’ specifications. 3D conceptual views help ideas take shape and allow our clients to visualize the design concept from a variety of perspectives.


Exterior views - Architectural exterior views of planned structures provide a detailed look at the proposed building’s exterior from multiple angles.


Photorealistic views ­ Detailed renderings that provide an accurate portrait of how your building will look upon completion. Photorealistic views, created using 3D Studio Max, incorporate intricate detailing, right down to carpet designs and wall color.


Compositing - Photographs taken on site are used to create composites of the proposed building in its exact location. Composites give a detailed virtual depiction of the structure in its future site.